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Monday, December 30, 2013

Reagan Wireless | Daniel Kaufman Innovates 3D Printing

As the CEO of Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman has pushed the company to new highs by implementing cutting-edge technology in the workplace. Based in Florida, the cellphone handset and accessories distributor focuses on recycling old parts and phones and selling dozens of different brands to its clients. Cellphones are a technology unto themselves, though Reagan Wireless recently implemented a new, innovative way to repurpose “junk” materials.

For instance, Reagan Wireless recently procured a 3D printer from Stratasys, one of the leading printer companies in the world. Known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing has been around for decades, but it is only just now becoming affordable and efficient enough for commercial use. In essence, these “industrial robots” compile additive materials to create CAD and 3D virtual images from computers. They are traditionally used for creating product prototypes, though Reagan WirelessDaniel Kaufman has recently found a new way to take advantage of 3D printing power.

The cellphone wholesaler recently began using its 3D printer to design their own equipment and tools for handset repair. Most phones require unique tools to open and fix; with custom-made, durable tools, however, Reagan Wireless is able to repurpose dozens of different brands. Kaufman says the company is looking to design full-fledged molds to aid in the repair process. The distributor is not yet looking into accessory 3D printing, though it is the first in its industry to utilize 3D printers to this capacity.

As mentioned, 3D printers use what is called additive manufacturing. This means objects are created through layered materials (usually heavy plastics). Using CAD, or computer aided design, and modeling software, designers can create almost anything imaginable from handheld puzzles and sculptures to heart valves and microelectronics. The 3D printer creates cross-sections (i.e. slices) and layers them to create a durable, all-in-one component that would be otherwise impossible to manufacture in one mold.

This process may sound like injection molding, or when manufacturing facilities utilize the same molds over and over to create parts (like cellphone cases). Injection molds, while useful for creating thousands of products quickly, are limited in functionality. Small companies seldom have the facilities to efficiently manufacture small parts to fill smaller orders. Instead, they can use 3D printing to create straight molds or the actual parts.

Modern 3D printers come in either desktop or industrial sizes. Top of the line desktop printers are usually capable of layering different materials and colors to create products...
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