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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Daniel Kaufman Reagan Wireless Press Release
  Daniel Kaufman a long time telecommunications expert, is the current president and CEO of his company Reagan Wireless. Reagan is a cellphone and accessories business that distributes top branded products around the world. Though cell and smartphone accessories are nothing new, most of the company’s clients are surprised to learn that Reagan Wireless recycles approximately 95 percent of its disposable materials (circuit boards, LCD displays, batteries, etc.).

 The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that 75 percent of all recyclable electronics are improperly disposed of. Not only do electronics take up landfill space, cell phones contain pollutants and toxic metals that can eventually degrade and harm human health and the environment as a whole. Properly recycled, old phones and electronic parts can be repurposed and pushed back into circulation. This process reduces the need for resources (i.e. mining for metal) and saves manufacturers on materials expenses. 

Because of the huge accumulation of electronic waste and the adverse side-effects, Daniel Kaufman of Reagan Wireless says his company allows people to send in their old cell phones for free. This helps manage e-waste and old products are upcycled into refurbished or new ones, simultaneously reducing environmental aftereffects of production and transportation.

 Essentially, this new form of “eCycling” is becoming increasing popular in every industry. According to the EPA, an average American household has between 20 and 30 electronic devices. Most of these are unused or broken.

 By using donated parts (think organ donors?), newer models can have extended lifecycles. The same goes for televisions, computers, smartphones, and other electronic retailers. The forward-thinking companies have buyback programs or related recycling systems that make it easy for people to eCycle their electronics. The EPA even offers certification programs in which electronic manufacturers and repair businesses can become registered to prove their dedication to helping the environment.

 Electronic waste, however, is only one leg of the overall problem. Paper products, glass, fuel, organic waste, and other everyday resources are constantly trashed. By recycling responsibly, people can:

-Reduce the environmental impact of improper disposal
-Increase human health factors from chemical and toxic run-off from landfills into soil and water sources
-Cut back on mining and resource extraction throughout the world by recycling virgin materials
-Conserve natural resources

 Businesses, households, and other entities should consider finding ways to properly dispose of their electronics and other recyclable waste. Recycling, however, is only one way businesses can save money and the environment at one time.

At Reagan Wireless Daniel Kaufman Encourages “Green”

At Reagan Wireless Kaufman sets up yearly goals for his company to meet. These environmental, health, and employee safety practices include:

-Reducing carbon output by at least 5 percent
-Improve energy efficiency by 2 percent -Experiencezero worker injuries
-Have zero air and water toxin releases
-Gain LEED certification in water, heat island, commuting, and irrigation
-Replace 10 percent of fixtures with sustainable lighting

  Daniel Kaufman of Reagan Wireless also notes that there are just a few of the company’s goals, though this model should be built upon by other companies in every applicable industry. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a U.S. Green Building Council initiative that recognizes offices, homes, and other buildings for their eco-friendly efforts. People usually associate LEED with low supply chain construction practices and implementing renewable energy systems, though existing buildings can do their part as well...
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