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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Owner of Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman Uncovers Tech Startup Tips

 As the owner of Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman understands the importance of differentiating his business. Entrepreneurs, according to Kaufman, are often challenged with finding a niche that helps bring their ideas into fruition. He found an area ripe for development in mobile phones and accessories in the 1990s, an industry that is currently booming due to the world’s need of cellphones and tablets.

 Reagan Wireless is one of the largest cellphone wholesalers in the world. It even recycles old phones and repurposes them for clients, reducing world-wide electronic waste. But not every entrepreneur can move into the cellphone industry. Instead, they have to find new ways to innovate existing fields in order to make their businesses successful.

Owner of Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman Underlines Business Planning Basics

 For starters, tech entrepreneurs need to understand that technology is a constantly evolving industry. What people use today in businesses and in a home is not what they used a decade ago. Technology advances at an outstanding rate, and the primary goal for any tech startup should be to either A) Develop a concept and sell it to a bigger company, or B) Provide a service for a desired market.

 The first step for any entrepreneur is to have an idea. This, unfortunately, is the easy part. The difficulty comes into play when new business owners open up shop, start marketing, and struggle to stay open. This struggle is backed up by the fact that more than 50 percent of all small businesses in the United States fail within the first two years. It is not usually because an idea is bad or overdone, but because startup owners do not approach their ideas from a business perspective... Read Full Article Here...
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