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Thursday, January 16, 2014

OtterBox Defender Cases Review by Daniel Kaufman, Reagan Wireless

OtterBox Defender Cases Review
by Daniel Kaufman
Reagan Wireless

The name ‘OtterBox‘ is synonymous with tough, high-quality cases in the smartphone world, and as our smartphones get more powerful, yet also more delicate, it’s always good to know that there is a company that makes cases tough enough for (almost) everything. The Defender Series is OtterBox's flagship case, with versions available for practically every smartphone. OtterBox offers these cases in a wide variety of mix-and-match colors, allowing you to choose the shades of the inner plastic and outer rubber pieces. The Defender Series is actually made up of 3 parts (4 if you count the holster); 2 parts make up the polycarbonate inner case that encapsulates the phone and the third is a silicon outer layer. Together, they make for potent protection against dropping, dust and scratching. The case also has a built in screen protector, so you won’t have to worry about getting one.

Otterbox Defender Galaxy Note 3

This beast of a case isn't for everyone. No, this case is for the always-outdoors, rugged, hands-on user that needs every inch of protection possible. Featuring multiple layers of durable protection, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender Case will shield you from just about anything you throw at it.

  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Polycarbonate inner layer
  • Synthetic rubber slip cover
  • Built-in durable screen protection
  • Heavy duty, swivel belt-clip
  • Silicone port covers to keep out dust and debris
  • Device remains fully functional inside case

Otterbox Defender Galaxy S4

  • Silicone plug covers
  • Two-piece polycarbonate inner layer
  • Outer silicone layer
  • Protects against drops, shock, and bumps
  • Protective screen shield built into shell
  • Prevents scratches and smudges
  • Maintains access to all features
  • Includes durable rotating holster

Otterbox Defender LG G2


  • Rugged protective LG G2 case helps prevent damage and wear and tear
  • Multi-layer case completely covers your G2 to avoid damage from drops, bumps and scratches
  • A holster is included for convenient carrying and hands-free media viewing
  • LG Ensure your new phone sticks with you for the long haul with the trusted protection of the G2 Defender Series case

Otterbox Defender Motorola Moto X

The everyday rugged Defender Series Moto X case protects against drops and dust.

  • Solid internal polycarbonate shell completely covers the Moto X
  • Internal memory foam cushions the device from wear and tear
  • Built-in screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes
  • Tough exterior slip cover absorbs impact and provides grip

Otterbox Defender Galaxy Mega

The Defender Series for the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 case allows you to take your device anywhere with confidence knowing that it's protected inside the sturdy, three-layer case.

  • Multi-layered Galaxy Mega case protects from drops, scratches and scuffs
  • Integrated screen protector guards against scratches
  • Outer slip cover absorbs impact from drops and other mishaps
  “The Otterbox Defender Series is one of the most protective cases I have ever seen,” Daniel KaufmanReagan Wireless

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