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Monday, December 23, 2013

Reagan Wireless Daniel Kaufman Ties Business to Charity

As the CEO of Reagan WirelessDaniel Kaufman understands the importance of giving back to the community. Reagan Wireless is one of the top wholesalers of cellular phones and accessories. It also specializes in ecycling, a commitment to help reduce environmental waste and to provide affordable phones for its clients. After selling cellphones and giving back to his employees, Reagan Wireless Daniel Kaufman focuses on community development and philanthropy. He values the act of charity and, as a business owner, takes advantage of any opportunity to give back. Currently, the company supports a number of organizations throughout the Florida area:
  Make-A-Wish Foundation 
 The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the leading charities in the world. With local chapters in almost every country and state in the U.S., the organization is dedicated to providing hope for children with terminal illnesses. These sorts of foundations count on both individual and corporate sponsorship to continue providing for these children.
 The Kabataan organization in Florida provides food, shelter, medical assistance, education, and support programs to orphaned children. The organization also does work throughout the world and the U.S. Founded in 2002, it works with other foundations and individuals to provide higher qualities of life to children.
  Boys & Girls Club of America
 The Boys & Girls Club is one of the most successful organizations to date. Reagan Wireless provides support in a number of ways to the club. It is dedicated to providing mentorship opportunities for children with troubled home lives and without positive role models. Bigs, i.e. adult mentors, are partnered with Littles and spend time with them for a few hours every month. Activities may include tutoring, sports, or other things. The goal of the Boys & Girls Club is to positively influence youth. Most of the Bigs with the Boys & Girls Club experience their own share of giving. The act of being a mentor and a positive influence in a child’s life is rewarding, selfless, and teaches both the Big and Little what it means to give back to the community...
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