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Monday, December 23, 2013

At Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman Initiated Cutting-Edge Marketing

At Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman Initiated Cutting-Edge Marketing

With Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman found a much desired niche in the cellphone industry. Based in Florida, the company has become one of the top wholesalers around the world. It specializes in reselling, distributing, and recycling old cellphones and accessories, not to mention all Iden and CDMA handsets. The cellphone market, due to the fact that few people have the same phone for two years, has a lot of opportunity for growth and advancement.

The cell niche, however, is not for everyone. Entrepreneurs around the world are always looking for the next up-and-coming thing, which, for many, is technology. Due to its quick market turnover and the fact that everyone uses technology to some capacity, this industry has low barriers of entry and room for success. These companies, however, have to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering something new, efficient, and productive.

At Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman says the number one thing for entrepreneurs to look at is marketing. Other than products and services, marketing is the number one element that separates the wolves from the sheep. Marketing correctly, though, is a difficult process that takes trial and error...

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