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Monday, December 23, 2013

Reagan Wireless’ Daniel Kaufman’s Solves Workplace Productivity

As the owner and CEO of Reagan Wireless, Daniel Kaufman knows that pleasing employees is a necessity for any business hoping to become a success. From compensation to workplace programs, there are a number of ways for employers and business leaders to do so. At Reagan Wireless, for example, Kaufman has partnered up with the Lott English Academy to help give back to his employees. With a large number of minority, non-native English speaking employees, doing so has allowed his staff to better their communication skills. Lott English Academy at Reagan Wireless is a 20-week program with two different course times. Students go through proficiency and placement tests and actively improve their language skills. Not only does this help the company succeed, it is a great way for Reagan WirelessDaniel Kaufman to improve the daily lives of his employees. Companies can also give back to employees by offering incentive programs...

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