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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Latest Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, by Daniel Kaufman Reagan Wireless

The Latest Apple iPhone 6 Rumors 
by Daniel Kaufman 
Reagan Wireless The Latest Apple iPhone 6 Rumors by Daniel Kaufman Reagan Wireless  

Rumor #1 – New Size

According to various sources in September Apple will be releasing their iPhone 6 in two new sizes, 4.7 and 5.5 inches with a pixel density of 441 per inch. That’s a big step from previous iPhone displays, which have 326 pixels per inch.  

Rumor #2 – No Curved Screen

Rumors about the next having the new curved display seem to false according to the latest chatter. Looks like Apple has decided to keep the flat display but what will be new is that the displays will be completely manufactured from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The material is almost unbreakable and second only to diamond in hardness but it could shoot up the cost of production. Reports have emerged that the use of sapphire crystal glass in the device could increase its cost of production, affecting its price.  

Rumor #3 – Finger Print Scanner Moved

Another rumor is that Apple is going to move the touch ID finger print scanner onto the actual display itself.  

Rumor #4 – No More iPhone 5C

The apple iPhone 5C will be discontinued due to disappointing sales, leaving the iPhone 5S to carry the torch. Also reported is that Siri is going to have a male voice counterpart. 2014 is expected to be a big year for Apple with the possible debut of their iWatch. It is rumored to come with health and body related features such as early heart attack warnings. Sounds exciting! Stay tuned as the Apple rumor mill continues to churn. – Daniel Kaufman Reagan Wireless.

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