Reagan Wireless Daniel kaufman

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Still thinking what to get for Father's Day? Here we have some affordable ideas. ‪

What dad doesn't like a good piece of tech? Find out what the gadget guys with kids are happy to have in their toolbox.

1. Fitbit Flex $79.95

I rarely leave home without my Fitbit; it's become a part of my everyday the way shoes are. It's brought my activity level into my awareness, and keeps me motivated and moving. And there just isn't anything quite like that buzz you get when you've hit your daily goal.

2. Sony PlayStation Vita $297.95

Somewhere along the line I got tired of playing smartphone games and now opt for a more console-like mobile gaming experience with the PS Vita. But more importantly, I use it to pacify the kids on trips. It turns them into zombies and takes the sting out of long plane rides.

Daniel Kaufman, Pres. & CEO, Reagan Wireless